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6 Reasons Why Mulch Does More Than Beautify Your Arkansas Landscape

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Everyone knows that a fresh layer of mulch gives your springtime landscapes a fresh, clean look. In addition to making everything pretty, did you know it also benefits your plants and soil?

As your Springdale, Farmington and Fayetteville landscaping and lawn care company, we recommend mulch because of the benefits it brings to your soil and plant materials’ health. For the sake of this discussion, we’ll only be considering organic mulches, such as pine bark and hardwood, rather than plastic, stone or other inorganic mulches that are available.

Here are six reasons why mulch does more than just beautify your Arkansas landscape:

1. It keeps weeds at bay. It prevents weed seeds from germinating and sprouting in your landscaped beds and borders.

2. It regulates soil temperature. During the relentless, hot days of summer, mulch will remain at a steady and cooler temperature for your plants’ stems and the soil underneath them. Likewise, we recommend another mulch application in the fall. During the wintertime, this late fall application will protect your trees, shrubs, and plants’ roots from freezing by keeping the soil temperature warmer than the air.

3. It retains moisture. Mulch will absorb water and keep plant roots and soil well-maintained with even moisture.

4. It protects your plants, trees and shrubs from lawn mower damage. It’s easier to see where landscape borders begin and end from the lawn when your beds and borders are mulched.

5. It promotes soil health. As the mulch disintegrates into the soil, it adds nutrients to it to feed the earthworms. The earthworms aerate the soil—making it healthy because it’s receiving oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

6. It protects your soil from eroding. Indeed, mulch shields your property from soil erosion because it’s a barrier safeguarding your soil from running off during heavy rainstorms.

As your Springdale, Fayetteville and Farmington, Ark. landscape maintenance company, we’ll responsibly apply mulch to all of your beds, borders, and areas where grass doesn’t grow. At A Clean Cut Lawn Care, LLC, we assure you that

· We’ll only place 2” – 3”  per application on your landscaped beds, around your trees, underneath shrubbery, and in areas where grass doesn’t grow.

· We’ll protect your trees’ well-being by avoiding volcano mulching. We promise you we won’t pile it up around the tree trunk because it’ll only encourage disease, insect invasion and rodent activity. Additionally, we’ll spread mulch around your trees up to 8’ in diameter.

· As the season progresses, you’ll need new applications due to it matting and dulling. We’ll carefully rake out the older mulch before reapplying a new cover of it.

Indeed, mulch does more than beautify your Arkansas landscape. It also provides essential nutrients and protection for your plants and the soil that feeds them.

If you live in Washington county in Arkansas, make your appointment with us at A Clean Cut Lawn Care LLC. You can call us at 479-856-9800 or use our contact form.

6 Reasons Why Mulch Does More Than Beautify Your Arkansas Landscape

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