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Pine Privacy Fence Installation

in Farmington, AR


We offer Pine & Cedar privacy fence installations in 6’ or 8’ heights. If you are thinking about having a new fence installed, this Featured Project will let you know some of what you can expect.

A homeowner came to us from Farmington, Arkansas who needed a 6’ Pine Privacy Fence installed around their residential property. Building a fence requires careful planning, which includes the marking of utilities around the property. The post holes are drilled and set using Quikrete, which provides for a rigid structure. The posts themselves are 4x4x8 treated pine for long lasting durability. We set string lines to ensure a professional look. The runners were also treated pine, 2x4x8, and 6 inch pine pickets. After the structure had taken shape we constructed a simple dog window using some lighter wood in a lattice pattern. Gates and hardware complete the look and offer functionality.

The homeowner was very happy with our fence installation and will continue to enjoy the benefits of privacy, protection, and sound dampening for many years to come.

To learn more about our fence installation as well as our other professional landscaping services, feel free to get in touch with us here or give us a call at 479-856-9800. We look forward to talking to you and sharing our ideas to bring beauty to your home’s landscaping.

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