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Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Our tree and shrub maintenance will provide you with a yard full of healthy, pruned trees and shrubs, while eliminating any that are dead or distracting. Our tree and shrub maintenance includes tree and shrub installation, placing trees and shrubs the perfect places to add character to your yard. We take factors such as your location and soil type into consideration, choosing the trees and shrubs that will best flourish. See below

Our tree and shrub removal gets rid of trees and shrubs that are unattractive or diseased and are 18″ or smaller. Lastly, our tree and shrub pruning keeps your trees and shrubs healthy and safe, allowing them to grow strongly. We prune each tree and shrub selectively, doing it at the specific time of year that is needed for that plant and removing all of the leaves and mess afterwards. From installing, to pruning, to removing, our tree and shrub maintenance will allow you to have a yard with healthy trees and shrubs.

Our numerous lawn care services can be used to keep your yard looking better than ever before. Experience our 5-star service today! Contact us here or give us a call – 479-856-9800

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