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At A Clean Cut Lawn Care, our hardscape services will transform your yard, turning it into an area that is both functional and beautiful. Our hardscape services include patios and retaining walls.

We use pavers for many of our hardscape services. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, allowing us to design a hardscape that is perfectly suited to your yard and taste. Our patios provide great areas for entertaining or simply relaxing outdoors. They are the perfect place to sit and relax at any time of day. We will design a patio that complements your home and creates a stunning area.

While our retaining walls are also very appealing to the eye, they, more importantly, fix areas where soil needs to be retained. They transform an unstable area into a safe backyard. Whether you need a retaining wall to retain a large slope or a small one, a retaining wall requires little maintenance and can even increase the value of your home.

No matter which of our hardscape services you choose to add to your yard, you can be sure that it will add functionality without sacrificing the aesthetics!

Our numerous lawn care services can be used to keep your yard looking better than ever before. Experience our 5-star service today! Contact us here or give us a call – 479-856-9800

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