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Outdoor Lighting

Our professional landscape outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your outdoor area at any hour! Furthermore, it adds security to your home.

At A Clean Cut Lawn Care, our outdoor lighting is functional, while looking appealing at the same time. Whether you want to light up a sitting area for nighttime conversations, or simply light up your driveway to welcome visitors and provide your home with added safety, lighting is an important part of any outdoor area. We carefully design your landscape lighting, ensuring that every important area is well lit.

By talking with our designers and explaining which areas of your yard you want lit, they can design a lighting system suitable to your needs, while giving your yard a beautiful glow. With lights strategically put in the right places, your home can have a charming and welcoming look without appearing messy or overly bright. Our lighting is low-voltage and energy saving. It requires little maintenance and operates at a low cost.

Our lights are LED lights, which are becoming more and more popular. People often associate cool, harsh white lights with LEDs, but we choose lights that contain the perfect amount of warmth for your area. A big benefit of LEDS is that they use up to three-fourths less energy than other types of bulbs, keeping your electricity bill from climbing too high. Whether you want outdoor lighting to feature a certain area of your yard or for overall safety while walking around at night, outdoor lighting is an important part of your home. We will customize your outdoor lighting to your wants and needs, leaving you with an outdoor area that can be enjoyed at any hour.