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Landscape Design and Installation

Our landscape design and installation will provide you with a beautiful landscape that enhances your home or business and brings character to the yard. We will work with you to design a landscape that perfectly fits the area. At A Clean Cut Lawn Care, we will listen to your wants and needs, designing a landscape that is unique to you. We will then install your landscape safely and carefully. Our professionals will make sure you are aware of the implementation schedule and will complete the job in the timing that is right for you your project.

To keep your landscape looking its best we can design and install an irrigation system that meets the exact needs of your property. 

For the best results, your new sprinkler system would be customized to your landscape, considering sun and shade, type of plant life, and the slope of your property. We make sure your irrigation system is designed and installed to manage water effectively, to provide proper coverage so that the right amount of water is distributed to your plants, trees, and lawn during the most efficient times.

Our irrigation installation service includes grading for proper drainage to eliminate water waste.  We offer installation of French drains, if needed, to improve poorly drained areas where water tends to accumulate. Our irrigation installation includes maintenance, inspection and repair services with guaranteed results.

Once your irrigation system is installed and working properly, we can advise you on the best types of trees and shrubs for your landscape. Our professional’s hand pick our plants from local nurseries and ensure your plants will thrive and flourish where they are planted. Our tree and shrub maintenance services include installing, removing and transplanting as well as pruning.

Besides designing and installing landscapes, we can also create a hardscape that compliments the best features of your home with creative designs and quality materials while ensuring proper base installation for all hardscape additions. The addition of a well-designed patio can greatly increase your enjoyment of the outdoors at home.

We can even add outdoor lighting to your home, which adds a touch of elegance, enjoyment and curb appeal to your landscape. 

By brightly illuminating certain areas we can accent your landscape, trees and walkways to provide more night time enjoyment and also improve the overall safety and security of steps and walkways in and around your property. Our landscape design and installation will provide you with a beautiful landscape and outdoor area that is perfectly suited to you.

These services and more can transform your lawn into the oasis you have always dreamed it to be. Experience our 5-star service today! Call us at 479-856-9800 or Contact us here