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Irrigating your Northwest Arkansas lawn plays a critical role in its care and growth. Not enough moisture, the property suffers, too much water, it drowns. That’s where a customized irrigation system designed for your landscape from our A Clean Cut Lawn Care team will help keep your property looking beautiful. To discover your options, here are four irrigation systems for a healthy lawn.

Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system sends moisture in drip intervals to your lawn, plants, or both. That process is highly effective because water gets directed right into the plant or turf’s roots. As your landscaper, we are careful to balance the water amounts per drip. Doing this allows us to ensure deep root growth is taking place. 

Sprinkler Irrigation System

A sprinkler irrigation system drops moisture above your plants and lawn. Water gets sent in large droplet form intervals from a timer set to each zone. With this type of watering system, our landscaping team monitors where the water lands. We make adjustments and check each sprinkler head for alignment, leaks, or device and water pipe damage.

Adjustable Irrigation System

An adjustable irrigation system allows for controlling water volume per landscape area. For instance, open-air sections of the lawn need more water due to exposure to the sun. But the covered areas need less moisture from overhead shade coverage. Our team can control what property sections require the most or least amounts of water with this adjustable system.

Smart Irrigation System

A smart irrigation system design is for adjusting landscape watering based on the lawn’s current conditions. The SIS monitors previous rainfall to the yard, evaporation levels, and existing soil conditions of your landscape. The information it receives determines the exact amount of water needed to distribute per landscape section.

Irrigation Services A Clean Cut Lawn Care Provides

A properly installed and monitored irrigation system produces a beautiful landscape. That system will water your landscape and provide the right amount of moisture your property needs. To ensure you’re home or office keeps that curb appeal, consider using our irrigation services. We offer irrigation installation, maintenance, and repairs. You can also expect us to open and inspect your irrigation system in April and when we close it in October.

Need Irrigation System Help?

We can quickly assist you if you’re a homeowner or property manager in Fayetteville, Farmington, Prairie Grove, Cave Springs, Elm Springs, Springdale, and SW Rogers. The Lawn Care & Landscape professionals at “A Clean Cut Lawn Care” can help you select the irrigation system that’s right for your property. Call us today – (479) 856-9800​ or Contact us here.

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