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Thanks to Henry French, a judge, and farmer, he wrote and promoted French Drain systems in his 1859 book about farm drainage. Since then, homeowners and property managers have found this proven water build-up and blockage prevention secret a lifesaver. Here at A Clean Cut Lawn Care, we continue spreading the news about how to keep your home and commercial properties dry and protected from unexpected water damage.

What Is A French Drain System?

A French Drain system is an underground perforated piping system that manages water at the ground level. First, a trench gets dug, and the piping gets laid in the channel. Next, a layer of gravel lines the trench and covers the pipes. Depending on the installation, the gravel can remain exposed, covered with topsoil or sod laid across the rocks.

Any water landing on that section, which would regularly pool up, is now directed away from the area permanently. The moisture begins to seep past the gravel flowing down into the perforated pipe. The drainage system will directly reroute the water away from the home or the build-up area.

What Are The Benefits Of A French Drain System?

Along with diverting water away from a low area on your property, a French Drain system has proven to solve additional foundation problems homeowners face. After installing a deep footing drainage system around your home or commercial building, it captures the moisture and moves it away from the structure’s slab or foundation.

With the drainage system in place, you get flood protection, mold prevention, pest control, and hydrostatic pressure relief. Your building’s walls are no longer subject to bowing, cracking, or creating leak spots. In addition, any potential for moisture seeping into the structure’s concrete slab gets eliminated.

Does Your French Drain System Need Inspecting?

Over time, a French Drain system may shift and become clogged. It could happen when a perforated pipe collapses; existing plumbing is too narrow to handle increasing water demand, overdue maintenance, improper installation requiring repairs, wrong slope calculations, or complete excavation to replace the existing system.

Before moving forward, our A Clean Cut Lawn Care team recommends having your system inspected first and the surrounding grounds surveyed. Whatever the circumstances might be, a thorough drainage system inspection will provide you with its current conditions. Not doing so could become costly without knowing all the details.

Need Our Help Installing A French Drain System?

Do you have standing water in low areas of your property? Our lawn care & landscape professionals at “A Clean Cut Lawn Care” can help you solve your drainage issues. If you’re a homeowner or property manager in Fayetteville, Farmington, Prairie Grove, Cave Springs, Elm Springs, Springdale, and SW Rogers, we can quickly assist you.

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