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What Goes Into The Specialty Clean Cut Lawn Care Treatment

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Lawn Care Tips

You probably chose this home because it had a wonderful looking yard with great potential. That’s why your lawn deserves your attention. It’s been good to you through the years. It’s kept the value of your home high and your neighbors noticing. Your lawn is the space on which your children can play and your dog can run around at his or her leisure. The least you could do is show some love in return. We’re the leading lawn care Springdale AR company. Here’s our guide to making sure your lawn is the best it can be.

What To Know About The Mowing Process

It seems pretty straightforward. And in a lot of ways, it is. However, if you do it wrong you could be causing some damaging effects to your lawn. An effective mow will make your lawn more tolerant to droughts and more equipped to keep the dreaded weeds at bay. An ineffective mow will leave you with a yard full of grass struggling to stay alive. To be effective, you should be cutting about one-third of each blade of grass. Any more or less could become problematic.

How To Avoid Scalping

Lawn scalping is just a fancy way of saying that you cut it too short. You want your lawn to be dense because this fills any space where weeds could potentially grow. When you cut the grass too short, you decrease the surface area that the grass is occupying. This leads to you exposing more soil to the sun, effectively opening up the threat of weeds taking over. The more soil you expose to sun and rain, the easier it becomes for weeds to develop roots that can grow and take over in place of grass. In addition, when you cut the lawn too short, you make your grass more likely to die due to high temperatures or lack of rain.

Sharpen Your Blades

A clean cut is key to a healthy lawn (that’s our specialty). Uneven cuts are not only unattractive but also open up room for your disease to infiltrate your lawn. Not to mention that it attracts the kinds of pests that have the potential to leave your lawn in ruins. That’s why you want to make sure you perform every cut with the utmost precision. In order to do so, you must take some extra time to finely sharpen your blades. You should sharpen them at least a handful of times within each cutting season. Additionally, in order to avoid dulling the blades, be sure to pick up any loose branches before mowing.

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