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Why You Need to Apply Weed Control & Fertilization to Your AR Lawn

January Tips, Lawn Fertilization

~ A Clean Cut Lawn Care/Cave Springs/Elm Springs/Farmington/Fayetteville/Prairie Grove/Springdale, AR

Even though it’s January and your Arkansas lawn is still dormant, it’s time to plan your yard’s weed control and fertilizer applications for early spring. In Benton and Washington Counties, AR, your yard care season begins in late February.

A Weedy Lawn is Not a Happy Lawn

If your lawn is mostly weeds, it’s a sign that you have an unhealthy one. Indeed, a well-maintained yard will keep out the majority of weeds. Yet, if you don’t fertilize and apply pre-emergent weed control throughout the growing season to your lawn, you’re inviting weeds to take hold and dominate.

At A Clean Cut Lawn Care, LLC, we deliver quality yard care maintenance from February through November.

Here’s how we help you develop a beautiful, green lawn throughout the entire growing season:

  1. February through March: This starts your early spring season lawn maintenance calendar. We’ll apply our spring pre-emergent application to your lawn to prevent crabgrass and other grassy weeds from taking hold in your AR yard.
  2. March through April: We’ll apply broadleaf weed control so dandelions and their friends won’t take over your lawn in mid-spring.
  3. May through June: In early summer, we begin our fertilization program. Why? Because the secret to less weeds is a healthy lawn. Our fertilization program provides the right amount of nitrogen to make your lawn mean and green. We’ll also spot spray those broadleaf weeds too.
  4. June through July: Your Benton or Washington counties, AR lawn still needs nutrients to continue growing strong and dense. We apply a special blend of fertilizers to your lawn to keep it going through the hot summer months.
  5. July through August: At this stage, we’ll apply four pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. dispersed throughout the summer. This blend is designed to give your yard an even schedule of nutrients.
  6. September through October: It’s time for your yard’s fall broadleaf control application. Oftentimes, broadleaf weeds will reappear as the weather cools in the fall. Our broadleaf herbicides get rid of these reoccurring weeds.
  7. October through November: During this time period, we reapply pre-emergent weed control to stop winter weeds, such as henbit, in its tracks.

Additional Services

Not only do we administer these practices, but we also offer Mowing Services, Landscape Maintenance, Shrub Trimming, pull weeds, edge around your lawn and landscapes, mulch your beds, as well as a host of other lawn and landscape maintenance chores that need to be done to make your property look beautiful and well taken care of.

There comes a time, however, where your lawn might need a total repair because of dead spots and other signs of turf decline. Check out our vast array of repair & maintenance services, such as


Are you ready to jump start your healthy lawn for 2018? If you live in Benton or Washington counties in Arkansas, give us a call at 479.856.9800 or fill out our contact form.


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