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Top 3 Tips for Dealing with Leaves this Fall

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Fall Tips, Lawn Care Tips

Fall is always one of the best times of the year here in Fayetteville, AR. The summer heat starts to subside, the holidays are right around the corner, and the leaves change from green to glorious shades of orange and yellow. That being said, one of the downsides to fall is dealing with the mountains of fallen leaves that end up littering your yard. Cleaning up your lawn from the seemingly endless amount of leaves can give even the most seasoned gardener a headache. It’s an absolute necessity to deal with them. Otherwise, your perfectly groomed lawn might suffer. We know the struggle all too well, that’s why we decided to come up with the top three tips for dealing with leaf pickup that you should consider next fall:

1. Bring out the Rake

The rake has always been a powerful tool in the garden and lawn care arsenal. It might be your best friend next fall as you go to battle against the hordes of leaves taking over your beautiful lawn. We all know that leaf pickup can be a challenge. Rakes certainly might be the best solution. We suggest you have a designated time every week in which you use the rake to corral all of the leaves so that there is ample time for them to pile up during the week. That way, you avoid having to re-rake multiple times per week.

2. When Life Gives You Leaves, Make Mulch:

Turning the leaves into mulch can not only save you time this fall,  but can also nourish the soil of your lawn. You can start off by making piles of leaves in your lawn. It’s important to ensure they are mostly dry. Next, use either a lawnmower or a wood chipper to shred the piles of leaves. Add the shredded leaves to a compost bin along with grass clippings or ammonium nitrate and you will find yourself with mounds of nutrient-rich mulch when spring rolls around!

3. Hire Professionals:

Sometimes, the leaves that keep piling up seem like an insurmountable challenge. Every time you put in some effort to get the lawn looking good, you wake up to fresh piles the next day. Leaf Pickup in Fayetteville AR is something that every lawn enthusiast in the area has on his or her mind during fall months. That’s why we suggest hiring professionals to come and take care of everything for you. Here at A Clean Cut Lawn Care LLC, we have a special team designated for dealing with Leaf Pickup and would be happy to help you get your lawn looking good during these challenging months of lawn maintenance. We offer full-service leaf cleanup, multi-lot and landscaper discounts, and curbside pickup with our service. Do yourself a favor and consider hiring professionals to help out with your leaf issues next fall. Contact us here or give us a call – 479-856-9800