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Spring Gardening and Landscaping Tips

Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring is just around the corner, and if you are the gardening type, you can hardly wait to begin.

Maybe you’re dreaming of a bright array of flourishing flora, springing up from your garden. Or perhaps you would like a border of flowers and stonework along the walkway that leads up to your front door.

Make a Plan, Gather Ideas


If you’ve never had a garden you may be searching for some ideas, asking questions like, “Where do I start?” You have to start somewhere, so start planning. Creating a good plan may take some patience, but it’s time well spent, as it can save you time and money in the long run.

Check out some catalogs for ideas. There is an amazing palette of colors to combine and contrast to create the look that pleases you. In order to have year-round color, plant both annuals and perennials.  Don’t forget to refer to the USDA Hardiness Zone maps for your area in Arkansas so you can choose plants that will thrive for you.

Stop and consider the big picture for a moment. What do you desire for the look of your whole landscape this year? One thing is certain, taking time and effort to improve the appearance of your landscape will not only bring you joy, but your neighbors will also appreciate the pride you have shown in beautifying your home. The value added to your home’s curb appeal will delight your neighbors and give you a sense of place that will conjure up pleasant memories in the future.  So don’t stop short. Keep dreaming and put your ideas down on paper.

Do you have any children or pets that need a safe place to play? What about some shrubs for privacy? Be sure to include the entire property around your home and diversify to add form and function to different areas of your yard, including the sides.

Maybe you’d like to grow your own vegetables in an organic garden and have a few fruit trees on your property. It takes a while to grow them up, so it’s wise to plant them soon.

Hardscapes Add a Perfect Touch 

Have you considered the benefits of creating a room outside by hardscaping a portion of your backyard as an extension of your living space?  You could add a retaining wall to elevate a sloping area. Incorporating different shades and textures of hardscape materials can accentuate some subtle features of your home and add a surprising look of elegance.

Do you love to grill outdoors? Wouldn’t your time with family and friends be enriched while sharing meals on your own lighted patio during the warm summer months to come? What features would you add to your oasis under the stars? You might enjoy a cozy fire pit or a peaceful water feature, like a coy pond, a gurgling fountain or enhanced landscaping around your pool.

Let your imagination run wild as you think of the possibilities. You may be able to have it all someday, so why not dream big? Once you’ve developed a vision for your dreamscape, you can start to prioritize to make your dream a reality or scale it back a bit to fit your budget, if needed. If you’re interested in exploring some fresh possibilities for the look of your N.W. Arkansas landscape, we are your trusted professionals.  Call us at 479-856-9800 or Contact us here.