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Repurposing Can Bring New Life to Old Stuff

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Lawn Care Tips

When it comes to redecorating, not everyone has the time, the desire, or the budget to completely remodel or redesign a space.  Enter repurposing…the increasingly popular art of evaluating what you already have and putting it to use in a different manner for a stylish and low-cost home or outdoor upgrade.  According to creative “upcyclers,” there’s no such thing as trash anymore – just opportunity looking for an outlet.

With a little thought and planning, you can turn old luggage into a medicine cabinet, old tennis rackets into mirrors, or old pallets into wonderful outdoor tables with a built-in planter box! One of the neatest ideas I’ve seen in a while, though, is using vintage water skis to create lovely and welcoming Adirondack chairs – the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying your outdoor living space in the spring.  If you want to give it a try, follow these directions.


3 pairs of skis, 180 cm or longer
Cedar decking or treated wood for arms, legs,back/bracing
Square head 1″ decking screws (these usually come with their own attachment for use with your screw gun)
Circular saw
Drill/Screw gun
Hand saw or band saw
Tape measure
Plans for the chair/template (it’s included in the instructions as a link)


  1. Remove the hardware from the skis.
  2. Cut the skis for the back of the chair.  The center slat should measure 37″ from the tip, cut two more pieces at 33 1/2″ from the tip, and the final two pieces at 30″ from the tip.
  3. Take the 6 ends you have left and trim to 21″ from your first cut. (Useful tip – save the scraps in case you’d like to use them for a matching side table or footrest later)
  4. Construct the body of the chair by using the printable TEMPLATE.  Modify this for using with skis, but it will get you started.
  5. Begin the back. Use a No. 8 countersink drill bit to drill a hole on each side of the cut end of the longest ski you cut for the back. Drill a second set of holes 12 ¼ inches up from the cut end. Use 1-inch square head stainless deck screws to attach these two pieces to the wooden frame of the chair.
  6. Finish the back. Lay out the remaining four back pieces as they will appear on the back. Drill one hole in the bottom of each ski on the side that will reset closest to the center of the chair. Attach the first two pieces on either side of the center back. Once they’re in place, drill the remaining holes in the bottom of the slats and higher up in the proper location to attach to the wood frame. Drilling the holes freehand ensures a tighter fit.
  7. Assemble the seat. Use the templates from your plan to drill the holes for the seat slats. Attach the pieces to the wooden frame.
  8. Enjoy your chair!

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