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Pruning Bushes and Hedges in Arkansas

Lawn Care Tips, Pruning Hedges & Bushes

Now is the time, before the intense heat of the Summer, to prune your bushes and hedges or have them professionally done.

Know the Rules of Pruning.

Referring back to our previous article PRUNING AND CARING FOR HEDGES & SHRUBS, we pointed out that deciduous non-flowering shrubs can be pruned in mid-summer, to remove the excess growth, suckers, and water sprouts. And broad-leafed, non-flowering evergreen shrubs will do fine if pruned in summer.

What plants are you caring for?

Did you plant some flowering trees or shrubs in hopes of having flowers?

If you have flowering trees or shrubs and are hoping for flowers, you should know that when a plant blooms determines when it should be pruned.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette helps clear up the mystery in Rules of Pruning

Timing is critical for flowering and fruiting plants, such as hydrangeas and Loropetalum plants. All flowering shrubs, whether they are blooming in April, May or June, have different and specific needs regarding the best time to prune. Well cared for and properly pruned shrubs produce more blossoms.  

“Prune gardenias after they bloom in June,” advises of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension, “If pruning of gardenias or hydrangeas are needed, do so immediately after the first big flush of flowers in the summer.” This was taken from their article Pruning found at:

For all spring blooming plants, however, such as a hedge of spring bloomers, the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service advises “no pruning after June 15.”  “Allow your azaleas to totally finish flowering before pruning. Not all azaleas need to be pruned every year. If they need pruning, do so as soon after flowering as possible, but no later than mid-June.”

Check out the Arkansas Yard & Garden Pruning Resources at the UofA Cooperative Extension Service link below for more from this article as well as more links on related publications.

This web page also offers a video on how to properly prune Crepe Myrtles,

which can also be seen on Youtube has Pro Tips on Trees and Shrubs with some pruning basics at the following link

Do your research on how to prune your plants properly, when and how to fertilize and water your flowering plants and they will reward you with lots of fragrant blossoms to enjoy!!

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