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The Importance of Pruning in the Winter Dormant Season

Tree & Shrub Trimming

The Winter season is the time for dormant pruning of maiden grasses, crepe myrtle, roses, and liriope to name a few. It’s also the time for cleaning up perennials. The same techniques normally used for regular maintenance are used except that in order to reduce stress to the plant, it is pruned when dormant. 

In order to create vigorous growth in the Spring, dormant pruning is aggressive with larger cuts being strategically made.
When pruning, using the proper tools is important as well as considering the growth habit of the plant. Removing any diseased or dead wood will help to keep the plant healthy. 

Here’s why pruning in the dormant season is the perfect time:

Invigorates Growth

Pruning of trees and shrubs in late Winter will invigorate them for Spring. Pruning should be done just before the start of Spring growth. This exposes fresh wounds for a short time period before new growth starts the process of wound sealing.

Prevents Disease

Pruning at the proper time can help prevent diseases as well as physiological problems. When freshly pruned, they are less likely to spread disease or attract disease-carrying insects. If disease is already present, it is more visible when the trees are bare. 

Welcomes Sunlight

Pruning opens up the canopy and allows sunlight to reach plants, flowers and grass. It also opens up areas that receive too much shade.

Adds Protection

Removing damaged or weak limbs will result in a stronger tree which will be better able to handle severe weather.
Pruning also helps protect people and property.

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