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Are Your Shrubs Overgrown?

Now is the time to trim them back and get them shaped up for the growing season. Pruning and hand shaping your hedges and shrubs throughout the year will keep them looking their best so you get the maximum yield from your blooming shrubbery, both before and after their flowering seasons.

Light hand trimming of ornamental trees to remove whole shoots, reduces overcrowding and encourages growth. Taking care to give your trees the attention they deserve can rejuvenate them for better health and longer lives.

Does Your Mulch Need Fluffing

Adding fresh mulch improves the soil as it adds a fresh new look to your landscape.

Fresh mulch preserves moisture in the soil, slows evaporation to protect your plants while regulating the ground temperature. Mulch helps to keep weeds from invading your plant’s root system and can reduce mower damage to the edges of your lawn. It also preserves the health of your soil, and as it breaks down over time, it adds texture to the soil and prevents soil compaction.

What About Your Lawn?

Proper care requires weeding, fertilization, and irrigation monitoring. There’s so much more that goes into the complete maintenance of all your landscaping needs. That’s why we offer our Premium Landscape Maintenance Service. A well cared for landscape translates to your increased enjoyment of your leisure and living space!

Why not free yourself up to enjoy more of life? Our Premium Landscape Maintenance Service is your solution!

Let A Clean Cut Lawn Care be the solution for all your landscaping needs! We invite you to experience our 5-star service today! We will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a free quote! Give us a call – 479-856-9800.