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It’s Time for Mulch & Spring Yard Clean Up

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Lawn Care Tips, Spring Tips

It’s Time for Mulch & Spring Yard Clean Up

A Clean Cut Lawn Care/Cave Springs/Elm Springs/Farmington/Fayetteville/Prairie Grove/SW Rogers/Springdale, AR

In Benton and Washington Counties in Arkansas, the weather is slowly warming up and the grass is greening up.

And that means it’s time to schedule your spring yard clean up and mulching appointment with us at A Clean Cut Lawn Care, your one-stop shop for all of your lawn and landscape maintenance needs.

Why You Need a Fresh Batch of Mulch

Mulch adds a nice, clean look to any home in the spring. Yet, there’s more to mulch than a finishing touch. At A Clean Cut Lawn Care, we’ll remove last year’s mulch and apply a fresh installation. Here are the rewards you’ll reap from a fresh batch of mulch:

  1. It’ll limit weeds from taking hold in your flower beds and under your trees.
  2. It regulates the soil temperature—keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  3. It retains moisture.
  4. It serves as a barrier from lawn mower damage.
  5. It promotes your soil’s health—when it disintegrates throughout the season, it’ll add more organic compost to the soil.
  6. It protects your landscapes from soil erosion.

At A Clean Cut Lawn Care, we provide the following mulches:

  • Brown, black, red or natural hardwood mulch
  • Brown, red or natural cedar
  • Pine bark chips.

Spring Clean Up

Your lawn needs a spring clean up to get it ready for weed control, fertilization, mowing and overseeding. At A Clean Cut Lawn, we will

  1. Rake up any leftover leaves
  2. Remove all fallen branches and other lawn debris
  3. Give your lawn its first mow
  4. Core aerate and overseed your Bermuda lawn
  5. Renovate your landscape to fix areas where your lawn is not thriving
  6. Apply pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass and other grassy weeds
  7. Pull weeds from your flower beds
  8. Trim dead, diseased or damaged branches from your shrubs and ornamental trees
  9. Clean out your gutters
  10. Edge your beds
  11. Install weed barriers around trees and in your beds
  12. Inspect your lawn for any diseases that may have developed over the winter.
  13. And Much More!

Are you ready to schedule your spring clean up and mulching appointment for your Northwest Arkansas property? Call us now at 479-856-9800 or fill out our contact form.

We serve the following Arkansas cities: Cave Springs, Elm Springs, Farmington, Fayetteville, Prairie Grove, SW Rogers, and Springdal.

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