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How to Get the Perfect Lawn

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Lawn Care Tips

Having a healthy and good looking lawn is something that everyone who has a lawn wishes. However, it does not always happen. Sometimes it’s because there is lack of lawn maintenance, and other times simply because the maintenance was done incorrectly. Whatever the reason is, a lawn’s care success depends almost entirely on how it is treated. A Clean Cut Care, one of the most renowned weed control Fayetteville AR and fertilization services Fayetteville AR companies prepared this summary that will help you maintain, or if you haven’t gotten there yet, achieve the perfect lawn you’ve always yearned for.

More than Simply “Mow, Blow and Go

At A Clean Cut Care, we are known for taking highly seriously what we do. For us, lawn care is an art. That is why we go many steps further than just “mowing and blowing.” Our team of experts assists our customers from the moment they decide to grow a lawn. First, we develop a detailed plan for the most optimal lawn growth and health, taking into account some crucial aspects such as the site, the soil, the seed selection and its seeding. Since it is the initial phase, the right treatment of these variables will determine the success of your new endeavor.

Appropriate Weed Control and Fertilization Are Key

Having a healthy and strong lawn will guarantee that it is almost weedless. A weak lawn leads to weeds, and not vice versa as many people think. Therefore, the way in which your lawn is designed from the beginning, according to the variables mentioned above, will have a great impact on its weeds’ growth. Moreover, it is important to have a weed control program that can be modified depending on your lawn’s most immediate needs.  Recognizing what types of weeds are growing in your lawn will help you target your weed control program, so it is efficient.

Properly fertilizing your lawn is also key to maintaining it healthy and weedless. Hence, it must be included in the weed control program. To decide what type and amount of fertilizer must be used, it is necessary to do a soil test first. In this way, you will know what the most appropriate product for your lawn is. Another crucial factor in the fertilization process is knowing when to apply it. If the type and amount of fertilizer used, and the timing is not correct, it could damage your lawn and propagate the weeds’ growth.

Taking care of your lawn is an easy task if you get the right assistance. With our more than two decades experience in the market, we provide you with an unmatched experience when it comes to lawn care. For more information about our weed control and fertilization services, contact us here or give us a call – 479-856-9800