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Why You Need Fall Home Gutter Cleaning

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Gutter Tips

5 Reasons Why You Need Fall Home Gutter Cleaning

~Gutter Cleaning for Cave Springs, Elm Springs, Farmington, Fayetteville, Prairie Grove & Springdale, Arkansas
If you live in Benton or Washington counties in Arkansas, now is the perfect time to get your gutters cleaned. All the leaves have fallen from the trees and your gutters are probably overflowing with debris. Let’s get it cleaned out before winter arrives.
Why your Arkansas home’s gutters need to be cleaned
Leaves, twigs, and other debris start to build up in your gutters. By ignoring your full gutters, you increase the risk of major damage and expense to your home.
If you live in Cave Springs, Elm Springs, Farmington, Fayetteville, Prairie Grove, or Springdale, AR, here are five reasons why your home’s gutters need to be cleaned this fall:
1. When your gutters are filled with gunk, water can’t move away from your home.
2. This accumulated water can get in between your home’s siding and into the wood and dry wall. Your home’s at risk for developing mold and structural damage if water gets inside your home.
3. Your gutters can get weighed down and fall away from your home. Not only will this cost you to replace an entire roof gutter system, but it also puts the rest of your home at risk. Broken windows and siding, as well as damaged lawn and landscapes occur when they get pummeled by falling gutters. All of this damage will cost you more money to get repaired then simply hiring someone to clean your gutters for you.
4. When temperatures dip below 32°F, ice can form from backed up water. Ice damming can cause extensive damage to your roofline and shingles. Plus, water can again get into your house through your attic causing leaking ceilings and walls.
5. Basement and foundation problems happen when a waterfall occurs from a blocked gutter during a heavy rainstorm. This cascading water can seep into the foundation of your home or basement causing mold growth and cracks in your foundation. Again, it costs more to fix this damage then it does to prevent it from happening.
Consider hiring a pro
If getting on a ladder to clean out your gutters is the last thing in the world that you want to do, then consider hiring a pro. Professional gutter cleaners are
1. Insured – Save yourself financial risk by making sure the person you hire is properly insured to climb ladders and clean out your gutters. You don’t want to have to pay for any hospital bills because of a fall.
2. Experienced – Your gutter cleaner has experience climbing ladders, professionally cleaning out gunk, and hosing down your gutters. Rather than hiring the guy in a pickup, hire a pro with experience.
3. Prepared – Your gutter cleaning pro has the proper tools, including different ladders, to get the job done right, the first time.
4. Professional – Your gutter cleaning pro will handle himself and do his work that makes your life easier, saves you time and money. Plus, he will clean up after he’s finished cleaning your gutters and will throw away all debris.
Typically, your home’s gutter system should last as long as the lifetime of your roof—about 20–30 years. In order to accomplish that, your gutter system needs regular fall maintenance to keep it clear to continue moving water away from your home.
Do you live in Benton or Washington counties in Arkansas? Do you need your home’s gutters cleaned this fall? Then call us right away at 479-856-9800 or fill out our contact form.
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