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The Importance of Fresh Mulch

Mulch Tips

If you love mulch, you’ve no doubt noticed the visual contrast it provides against the soft monochromatic background of green foliage. But mulch offers many benefits beyond beautifying your landscaping.

A fresh batch of mulch will inhibit weeds from taking hold in your flower beds and under your trees. It acts as a natural weed barrier, and if it is laid down in the right amount, it will block the sunlight that weeds need to sprout. It also protects your landscapes from soil erosion and damage from lawn mowers.

But mulch can also positively influence the health of your plants because it benefits the soil and therefore the roots of your plants. It retains moisture, so it can help keep plants from wilting in dry spells or summer heat. Mulch also acts as an insulator, keeping soil temperatures cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. As it disintegrates throughout the seasons, mulch will eventually become compost, contributing nutrients which renew and enrich the soil for nutrient-hungry roots. 

Yes, mulch provides more than a finishing touch to your landscaping. Consider fresh mulch in your spring yard clean up and be sure to learn more here.

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