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Fireweed: How to Get Rid of it

Lawn Care Tips, Weed Control

An alpine meadow filled with tall purple flowers of the Fireweed species may make for a lovely landscape photo, but the presence of this pesky weed popping up in your lawn and landscape is not a desirable find. Fireweed is a cool-season plant that grows in the top thatch layer of your grass, as opposed to growing in the soil, which makes it more difficult to control. Pre-emergent herbicides that seep into the soil to eliminate soil rooted weeds are not an effective solution.

Although you may not have had trouble with Fireweed in the past, these weeds are spread by seeds that may be blown into your yard by the wind, or carried in by other means, which means you cannot control the spread of it either.  Your best defense is to keep your lawn mowed short, which will keep it from going to seed and spreading further.

The good news is, since the root layer on these weeds is so small, they can be easily pulled up by hand or mowed down, and since it is a cool-season plant, they will die off as summer sets in. However, if waiting for summer is not an option, give us a call – 479-856-9800 or contact us here to take control of your fireweeds.