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Evergreens for Your NW Arkansas Home

Evergreens, Northwest Arkansas Landscaping Tips, Shrubs, Trees

Evergreens add year-round beauty as well as privacy to your home.

While deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall, evergreen trees do not. This makes them the perfect candidate for filling in any gaps left in your yard after the other trees have lost their leaves. In addition to adding beauty to your yard, they will also provide year-round privacy.

Their luscious foliage provides a continual habitat for wildlife, and very little maintenance is needed to keep them looking beautiful. Evergreens come in both small and large varieties, depending on the type of tree. This allows you to pick a tree that is the perfect size for your yard and its needs. Some smaller options for Northwest Arkansas are umbrella pine, dwarf blue spruce, white spruce, Frasier fir, dwarf Alberta spruce, bristlecone pine, weeping blue atlas cedar, and golden Korean fir.

If you’re looking for a taller option, a Sequoia or even a Canadian hemlock will make a great addition to your yard. Norway spruce, Eastern white pine, balsam fir, Japanese white pine, and contorted white pine are some other wonderful choices. For more of a hedge look, arborvitae, Leyland cypress, or different types of juniper are all great options for your Northwest Arkansas home.

Furthermore, perennial plants such as bee balm, coneflower, salvia, daisy, hosta, hellebore, daylily, and coral bells, are perfect for yards in this zone, as are Japanese maple, common boxwood, California privet, American holly, English ivy, and Winter creepe.  Also, different types of evergreen viburnum, such as David viburnum and Walter’s viburnum, are a few of the beautiful evergreens that flourish. Walter’s viburnum grows over 8 feet tall, making it great for filling in any areas where something high is needed.

Perennials such as Arkansas amsonia, Blue false indigo, geranium Rozanne, and golden Hakone grass are also great options for this area. Blue false indigo can grow as tall as 4 feet, while Geranium Roxanne grows up to 20 inches. Thus, you can find a plant that is the perfect height for your yard’s needs. English yew, English holly, atlas cedar, small-leaf cotoneaster, bigleaf maple, and kurume azalea grow beautifully in Northwest Arkansas as well.

As you can see, there are many great evergreen and perennial options that will add beauty to your yard while filling in any bare areas left by deciduous trees.

We’ll be happy to discuss the perfect evergreens to add beauty to your home, simply give us a call at 479-856-9800 or contact us here.